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How to start a career in data science from scratch?


The field of data science has been growing exponentially in recent years, and the demand for skilled data scientists has skyrocketed. With the advent of big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, the role of data scientists has become vital in every industry. Data scientists are mandatory in every field as finance, healthcare, marketing, or technology. Data Science is one of the most sought-after careers in the 21st century.

The Indian job market is no exception, and data science is a highly in-demand field in India. This article will guide you on how to start a career in data science from scratch, highlighting the necessary skills, prerequisites, and steps you need to take to launch a successful data science career in India.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a multidisciplinary field involving statistical and computational methods to extract insights and knowledge from structured and unstructured data. Data Science combines elements of statistics, computer science, and domain knowledge to turn data into actionable insights that can drive business decisions.

Qualification and Eligibility for Data Scientist:

For a career in data science, you need to be good at math and analyzing abilities. Understand complex data sets and work with ease. You also need to know how to use statistical software, and computer languages like Python and R. Most data scientists have been certified by a well-known organization. Check the below list for required technical skills:

Technical Skills Required to Start a Career in Data Science:

To begin a career in data science, you need to have a solid foundation in mathematics, statistics, and programming skills. The following skills are essential for a data science career:

  1. Mathematics and Statistics: You need to understand mathematical concepts such as probability, statistics, and linear algebra. You should be familiar with statistical methods such as hypothesis testing, Bayesian statistics, and machine learning.
  2. Programming: A strong foundation in programming languages such as Python or R is essential for data science. It would be best if you were comfortable working with data structures, algorithms, and programming concepts such as loops and conditionals.
  3. Data Visualization: Data scientists use data visualization tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and plot to communicate their findings to stakeholders. You should be familiar with data visualization tools and be able to create clear and effective visualizations.
  4. Data Wrangling: Data scientists often work with raw data that needs to be cleaned, transformed, and structured before it can be analyzed. You should be familiar with data cleaning and preprocessing techniques and be able to use tools such as Pandas, NumPy, and Open Refine.
  5. Machine Learning: Machine learning is a vital component of data science. It would help if you understood supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, as well as deep learning and neural networks. Also, have a good understanding of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, as well as deep learning and neural networks.

Along with technical skills, one must have very good knowledge of communication skills, visualization skills, and a strong zeal to learn and achieve the job.

How to Start a Career in Data Science?

To start a career in data science from scratch, it is important to have a strong foundation in mathematics, statistics, and computer science. Additionally, learning programming languages such as Python, R, and SQL, along with getting thorough knowledge on  data analysis and visualization tools, can be beneficial. Furthermore, gaining experience through internships or projects, and acquiring industry-relevant certifications, can help boost one’s chances of landing a data science job. Here is the list of few basic steps required to land on a Data Science job.

  1. Build a Strong Foundation in Mathematics and Statistics: The first step to starting a career in data science is to build a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics. This means taking courses in calculus, linear algebra, probability, and statistics.
  2. Learn Programming: Once you have a solid foundation in mathematics and statistics, you should learn programming. Python is the most How to start a career in data science from scratch? popular programming language for data science, but you can also learn R.
  3. Take a Data Science Course: There are many data science courses available online and offline, such as Data Science from Scratch or Data Science Methodology, these can help to learn various concepts and techniques present in data science.
  4. Get a Data Science Internship: Once you have a good understanding of data science concepts, you can apply for data science internships in companies. This will give you practical experience working with real data and allow you to develop your skills.
  5. Join a Data Science Community: Joining a data science community, such as Data Science Society, can help you stay up-to-date with the latest developments in data science, meet other data scientists, and learn new skills.
  6. Earn Certificates: Tool- and skill-specific certifications are an excellent method to verify your knowledge and ability. Consequently, obtaining credentials from leading educational training companies is the greatest way to secure a lucrative professional path.
  7. Get a Data Science Job: Once your internship is completed, you can either work for the same company (if they are hiring) or start looking for entry-level jobs for data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers. From there, you may gain experience and move up the ladder according to your knowledge and skills growth.

Careers in Data Science:

After mastering these skills, you will have the option of working in any of the following career fields.

  • Data Scientist: Business solutions and analytics are created by data scientists who optimise and improve product development. Predictive modelling is used to enhance and perfect many facets of business, including interactions with customers, revenue creation, ad targeting, and more. Data scientists collaborate with other departments to deploy models and track results.
  • Data Engineer: Data scientists and technologists work together to compile massive datasets. They determine the best means of optimizing data extraction, transformation, and loading, then put those means into action. The data pipeline is also used in the development of analytical tools.
  • Data Architect: A data architect is a professional who creates database solutions after analyzing the structural needs of new software and applications. They are responsible for the setup and configuration of computer networks and the transfer of data from older to newer computer systems.
  • Data Analyst: Data analysts gather information from both new and old sources and store it in databases. They help management set priorities for business and information needs by figuring out how to interpret data, analyze results using statistical methods, and come up with solutions like data collection systems.
  • Business Analyst: Business analysts help a company plan and keep track of things by getting requirements and putting them in order. They figure out what resources are needed and how much they will cost by making reports that are informative, actionable, and repeatable.
  • Data Administrator: Data administrators aid in the creation and maintenance of databases. They are responsible for implementing and testing new database and data management systems, maintaining the security and integrity of databases, and generating complicated query definitions that enable data extraction.


Starting a career in data science can be an exciting and rewarding journey. With the increasing demand for data scientists in India and around the world, it is a field that offers ample growth opportunities for freshers and experienced professionals alike.  In short, a career in data science can be highly rewarding and lucrative if one is ready to put in the hard work and dedication to continuously learn and grow.



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